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Simulated combat

In this game every projectile, laser beam and missile is simulated in real time, making things take on a much more real and tactile dimension.

Get immersed into the heart of the battle, with all the chaos that comes with it.

Grand scale

Control up to one thousands units on the battlefield. Engage in combat on maps dozens of kilometres across. Command war machines that tower over buildings and enemies alike.

This game focuses on truly vast battlefields, giving a whole new meaning to strategy over tactics, and a new appreciation of scale.

Strategic zoom

A single unit. The entire battlefield. One camera.

When commanding vast armies it is essential to see everything. And our camera controls allow just that, giving you the ability to zoom in to the closest details, and out to the entire map.

Flux economy

A responsive and engaging economy that closely mimics that of real life and adds yet more depth to this RTS. No spending limits, no speed limits, just the cold hard reality of income minus expenses.

Sanctuary: Shattered Sun

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