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Fully Simulated combat

Every laser, missile, and projectile in Sanctuary: Shattered Sun is intricately simulated in real-time.


Forget canned animations; this is visceral, high-stakes warfare where every shot counts.

Epic Scale, Unprecedented Control

Why command a squad when you can control an army? Command a thousand units across sprawling battlefields that stretch for kilometers. Witness your war machines dwarf skyscrapers and dominate the landscape.


This isn't just strategy; this is warfare on a colossal scale.

Strategic zoom

One camera, zero limitations.


Our strategic zoom feature allows you to micromanage a single unit or command legions with equal precision. From the intricate details of your frontline to a bird's-eye view of the entire warzone, your battlefield perspective is completely unbounded.

Flux economy

Forget about conventional game economies with their artificial caps and arbitrary speed limits. Our Flux Economy system offers an unparalleled level of engagement - your economic mastery is limited only by your strategic intuition in balancing income and expenditures.

Sanctuary: Shattered Sun
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