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Our lead game designer, speed2, brings his extensive RTS mods experience to design engaging and balanced gameplay, as well as working on scripting for the game.

Special Bread

An RTS game mod veteran, Bread deftly juggles project management and art direction roles, as well as working on the design of the EDA faction.


Antypodish, our lead developer, wields his extensive Unity and DOTS experience to guide the team, ensuring the development of innovative and high-performance game systems.


Mike, one of the directors at the company, utilizes his decades of rich programming experience and successful product launches to lead the team in creating an unparalleled RTS game.

Team Leads

Kubo Wu

Kubo, with his movie industry background, enriches the Guard faction's design with unique cinematic touches, raising the bar for 3D artistry in our game.


Avitus, an expert in 3D modeling and another modding veteran, meticulously crafts models for the Chosen faction, enhancing the game's aesthetics and depth.

3D Artists


Null is our C# coder! He works on putting all kinds of features into the game ranging from camera movement to constuction code, and more!


Badump, our performance specialist, focuses on optimizing the game for smooth gameplay. His expertise in writing optimised code ensures the game runs efficiently across various devices.


Uveso, our AI specialist and Lua scripter, employs his deep RTS modding experience to create challenging AI opponents and stimulating gameplay dynamics.


Ozonex, a veteran technical artist, implements high-performance graphics pipelines and advanced shader techniques, striking a perfect balance between art and technology.


Nate, a seasoned DOTS developer, works on the game's movement systems, pathfinding, and other core assets, creating a responsive and dynamic gaming experience.


Fonee, a master in DOTS, ingeniously designs intricate systems within the game engine, pushing the boundaries of RTS gaming.


With a deep understanding of DOTS, Greco focuses on optimizing the game engine and integrating mod support features to ensure an inclusive and efficient gaming environment.



Bianca, our skilled marketing specialist, masterfully manages advertisements, promotional materials to ensure our game's visibility and engagement.


Cactus, our talented VFX artist, brings the game to life with stunning visuals such as explosions, muzzle flashes, and lasers, intensifying the on-screen action.

Philip Crofts

Phillip Crofts, our gifted musician, works on the game's musical score, crafting sci-fi themed tunes that enhance the game's immersive atmosphere.


Tasked with creating the Sanctuary Kickstarter trailer, he is an incredibly gifted VFX artist.


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