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Works on the million little things to keep a game project running, like social media, the website, marketing, translations, hiring and firing, interviews, publicity, community outreach, finding opportunities, HR, legal, project oversight. He does it all!


He's always too busy working on the engine and making sure it runs beautifully. He has many years of professional experience as a programmer and he has launched a Steam game before, that definitely helps!



Tasked with making models for the faction called "the Chosen". This guy is the artist behind the Revamp Expansion Mod! There's a good chance you've seen his renders before. If you see a sleek and curvy design in the game, it's one of his!

Kubo Wu

Tasked with making for the faction called "the Guard", as an initial task. If ever there was a Swiss knife, this guy is it! What can't he do? 3D Modeler and artist extraordinaire, likes to do his modelling in Virtual Reality. He worked for years as an artist for Netflix making high quality models.

Special Bread

Tasked with making for the faction called "Earth Defense Alliance" (E.D.A.). Has been working on mods for years, and is the lead developer of the Nomads faction.

3D Artists


Lua Scripter and AI dev extraordinaire, his genius led to the acclaimed Uveso AI mod.


A fresh DOTS programmer who is committed to putting his best foot forward and writing flexible and dynamic code. Working on optimizing the engine and code to function as efficiently as possible.


Working for many years as a programmer he has taken a liking to Data Oriented Design, he always focuses on writing fast and correct code.


DOTS dev strengthening the team with what it needs most : tons and tons of DOTS!


Our all-purpose code wizard! On an epic quest for ultimate performance, he has been working on heavy hitting parts of the game like the scripting implementation, pathfinding, terrain, and other bits that need every bit of performance they can get.


An extremely talented DOTS developer who's focusing on Navigation and Unit movement behavior with 8 years of software development experience  and who loves to game dev and walk the dog in his spare time!


Has been tasked with the animation code. It's no small feat animating 10 000 models simultaneously. It requires a whole new code that Unity does not provide. He's exploring uncharted lands for us and the results are astounding!


Our main Lua scripter. A campaign wizard, he will be putting together the whiteboxing stage of the game. He also has quite the solid balance notions and gameplay ideas. An all around good game designer.


Our graphics magician! He made two map editors in Unity, and knows all the tricks to get thousands of units to render really quickly. He will be getting our game to look stunning, writing shaders, animation systems, and much more!



Tasked with handling the marketing and coms efforts, and spreading the news about Sanctuary across the online world.

Philip Crofts

Our musician. A brilliant artist with the ability to master a great number of musical genres, his epic/orchestral/synth tracklist will accompany you into battle.


Cactus on Fire, our main VFX guy. He creates explosions, lasers, plasma and even volumetric effects that light up the battlefield.


Tasked with creating the Sanctuary Kickstarter trailer, he is an incredibly gifted VFX artist.


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