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If Kickstarter doesn't succeed, what will be part of the 1.0?

  • We will still have a playable game

  • Skirmish Player VS Player

  • 2 factions guaranteed, very likely 3 (good balance that will continue to be tweaked for at least a year)

  • 50 units (including buildings) per faction

  • Full-fledged Land, Air armies

  • Support for 10 000 units map-wide

  • Up to 8-player

  • At least 5 beautiful maps of varying sizes

  • A full hour of Sanctuary Soundtrack

  • Discord integration for inviting friends

  • Full Modding and Mapping support

  • (To be very clear: there is no single-player experience in this case)

If Kickstarter succeeds, what will be part of the 1.0?

  • A full-fledged Naval army

  • A fully featured Campaign telling a rich and epic tale. Story mode playable in co-op or alone

  • An AI with varied settings, adaptable to your needs

  • Automated matchmaking for ladders ranging from 1v1 to 8v8

  • A rating system plus our full suite of player stats (with a replay vault)

  • At least 25 beautifully crafted maps with a sense of verticality

  • Randomized map generation

  • 2 high-stakes tournaments hosted by us on our servers (guaranteeing no cheating)

  • Start in the middle of a replay

  • Pick up as player at any chosen point in the replay

  • With a full close and restart of the game: Reconnect support

  • Picture-in-picture notifications 

  • War Over the Dyson Sphere seasons (Multiplayer Meta Game)

  • Linux Support

  • (plus all of the features from the column on the right)


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