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What is Sanctuary?

​Sanctuary is a grand scale video game set in real time, which started development on the first of September 2020.

​Its aim is to bring a total of 10 000 units with simulated projectiles running across the net for 8 players into the modern era of performance.

What makes Sanctuary stand out?

​Check out our unique Features page!

It doesn't lag; it actually runs spectacularly well. Thanks to its focus on performance and multi-threading, it'll utilize all of your available threads evenly.

​It's also quite a looker.

Target platform?

The PC exclusively; and within that slice:

Microsoft Windows 10/11 64 bit.

No. This title hearkens back to the days of "I paid once, now leave my wallet alone".

​Microtransactions? Loot boxes?
Is this game moddable already?

You want to help out? Contribute something? The best way is to visit our Discord, you'll be able to learn about what there is to do and get in touch with the dev team. Maybe even join.

We aim to be playable worldwide. (In countries not trade-embargoed by the western hemisphere)

What regions of the world will this be playable from for multiplayer?
How can I get involved?

Yes, although given this game isn't publicly accessible yet, only by devs and others given access to a build. This game does have all of it's data and most important functions exported to a Lua folder, so modding should be exceedingly easy.

Yes! Just like with the beta, sign up to our newsletter for news on that!

​Will There be a Kickstarter?

Yes! Sign up to our newsletter for news on that!

Will there be a beta?

4-core 3Ghz

16 GB of RAM

GTX 1050 ti or better

Tentative minimum specs?


What engine is this made in?

Yes. And this is something we actually do make available to the broader public right now we have a map editor and a random map generator. You can come try them out for free in the #sanctuary-map-editor channel of our Discord.

Is this game mappable already?
Do you have any specific questions yourself?

Come visit us on our Discord!

Not yet.

Does this game have a price-point yet?

Around 2025 - sign up to our newsletter for news on that!

When will this game be released?
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