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More resources

There is plenty more artwork and resources in this folder.

Have fun creating content, and let us know if there is anything we can improve!

Among other things, the folder contains: logo assets, branded and unbranded artwork, video footage and more.

Link: Coming soon!





Our Colour Scheme

Please use our colour scheme wisely, if not sure ask a designer.

Avoid placing the blue and white colours together. Use them with one of the grey colours instead.

If in doubt, use this site as a reference - note which colours we use for what and apply them the same way.


Always make sure there is enough space around the logo. For the icon, allow half of the width around the icon. For the text logo - allow for enough space to fit the top row in between.

White Icon

Black Icon

Our Icon

Our Icon is rotated as follows - make sure that it is the right way up.

The rotation is exactly 15 degrees off a vertical axis of symmetry. It is also symmetrical and easy to animate rotating around its centre.

Use the icon when the sanctuary title has been shown before - so that the brand is already established.

Our Logo Variation

This is text only logo variation. Use it when the icon is difficult to fit into the image composition. Do not rotate the logo, or try to put it sideways or upside down. Do not stretch the logo or recolour it.

White Logo

Black Logo

Our Logo

Please do not stretch or alter the Logo, always ensure it's clear visibility. Place the light logo on a dark background, or vice-versa. Don't recolour the logo.

For any of the images below, you can right click and save them and they will come out fine. However, if you want the full resolution images then check out the google drive link at the bottom of the page.

Press contact

If you have questions, please direct your press inquiries to

Our Brand

We are an indie studio, but we strive to deliver high quality work with everything we do. We are happy that you are interested in using our assets, so we have provided you with a guide on how to make them look best.

Please actually follow the guide - it will make your content look professional, and be more recognizable because we use this guide too!

Thanks in advance and read below.

Press Kit

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